Adding Another Option for Nurses to Expand Their Knowledge

Facial ProcedureMany people are now looking to change the way they look with non-surgical facial procedures and in this growing market place there are opportunities for those who are trained in the administration of Botox. Joining the growing number of medical professionals engaged in this work means that nurses can add a new line to their list of qualifications and offer patients the chance to feel good about themselves utilising this much publicised procedure.

Botox is a tried and tested procedure for smoothing out certain areas of the face on a temporary basis utilising the effects of a bacteria known as botulinum toxin. It is often described as giving the face a plumped up look and this is achieved by a short term paralysis of the facial muscles. The patient does need to have the procedure repeated if they wish to sustain the look as the body will work to return the area to normal over time. The Botox is administered by injection to certain parts of the face. Done correctly it is a painless procedure and this is something nurses can learn through one of the many excellent training courses that are available such as Botox Training Club.

Nurses are already well trained in injection procedures and so will only need some specialised knowledge of administering in this particular area and the consultation skills and knowledge surrounding the offering of Botox.

Ethical considerations

Everyone wants to be safe and ethical in their practices. A good training course will teach nurses how to manage patient expectations and give them a solid understanding of why people want to have Botox. Whilst the facial aesthetics industry wants to meet a growing demand for such work, it is still important to offer the right treatment to the right patient at the right time and being able to give the patient good advice in all these areas means that they can make an informed choice for themselves. If they are happy going into the procedure and know what to expect then they are more likely to be happy coming out the other side. Nurses need to ensure they can offer the best results for everyone including themselves.