Celebrate Love and Nature in these 3 Outdoor Wedding Venues around Minneapolis

Wedding EventA wedding deserves a backdrop that will match the magic of the occasion. This is probably why plenty of couples choose to hold their weddings in the great outdoors. What could be more romantic than declaring your love amidst all the beauty that nature has to offer?

With the Mississippi River nearby and several waterways scattered all over the city, Minneapolis is among the best places to fit this description, according to Apresparty.com. If you and your partner are looking to get married in the City of Lakes, these are 3 unique wedding venues you’re both sure to love.

Water Power Park Riverfront

Just off the Main Street, the Water Power Park is a location entrenched with the history of the city. It’s close to the Mississippi Riverfront and boasts a majestic view that overlooks the Mississippi and St. Anthony Falls. Perfect for a quirky wedding ceremony, this venue has detailed walkways to take you back in time. Because it’s close to the downtown area, you don’t have to worry about finding reception venues nearby.

Lyndale Park Peace Garden

The Peace Garden at Lyndale Park is located next to Lake Harriet. The space is sprawling with unique plant life and boasts a Japanese-inspired landscape. At the garden’s heart is a bronze sculpture that illustrates the process of folding a paper crane. This location perfectly imbibes a tranquil atmosphere perfect for a quiet ceremony.

Longfellow Gardens at Minnehaha Park 

Minnehaha Park’s Longfellow Gardens is the ideal location for a traditional wedding ceremony. This formal garden features a graceful pergola on top of a land bridge with flowers scattered in gentle slopes all around. Best of all, this land bridge is perfectly perched to provide you a view of the downtown Minneapolis skyline.

It’s true that having an outdoor wedding has its own set of challenges. For one, the weather is unpredictable, requiring you to deal with additional concerns such as hunting down the perfect wedding tent rental in Minneapolis, MN. Still, nothing could ever be more magical than being so close to the poetry of nature when you say “I do”.