Considerations in Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Wedding PhotographerPlanning out your wedding in Denver is not so hard. It’s making sure that everything gets done right that’s difficult. That is especially true when it comes to wedding photos.

Well, skip the dilettante friend who has an expensive camera with zero experience in documenting formal events and seek an actual wedding photographer. Here are some very important reminders that you should consider when choosing the Denver wedding photographer that’s perfect for your special day.


Despite being one of the most obvious hurdles a husband- and wife-to-be have to face when searching for the perfect wedding photographer, couples often overlook the importance of preparing a separate budget for their pictures and videos.

Consider the amount of work it takes to bringing the equipment to the site, the prenuptial photographing, the event itself, and the post event editing. Work in tandem with your photographers to decide what moments you actually want photographed.

When you’ve come to terms with exactly how much do you want documented, you’ll be more able to understand their reason for charging you that much.

Their Style

Not all wedding photographers have the same creative touches and flair.  Some will have a very formal style with many static pictures of the happy couple, the families, and entourage. Others will have more dynamic poses like your ever popular jump shot, crazy poses with the cool kids, and a reception with the local rock band.

Creativity is a big must for something as monumental as a wedding, so it’s vital that you choose a Denver wedding photographer that matches your quirks and passions even as early as the planning process. Check their online portfolio. Get an appointment and talk to them in a comfortable environment. Let them know what you want to see and how you want your pictures done. If they can go with your flow, then add them to your final selection list.

Schedule and Work Ethic

Just as wedding photographers may differ from one another with their work ethic, they will also vary in their level of availability and working style. Choose a wedding photographer that is available for planning, setting up, and overseeing their part of the event for the pre-event photos and the event itself.

Much as you want to get the more famous photographers, avoid those who overbook their event logs. Even if they’ll be able to put you in their calendar and their reputation isn’t negatively affected by their hectic schedule, you risk having them give a halfhearted performance because of fatigue or rushing. If they do need to send an assistant in their place, make sure that it’s someone that apprentices under them and has been with them as early as the planning process.

When you do find the best team to capture your wedding on file, make sure you show them appreciation and respect. You’ll probably have only one shot at this, and so will your chosen wedding photographer.