Dental Implants: Smile Confidently Without Any Worries

Next Best Thing to Natural TeethFor many, dental implants seem too expensive and too unnecessary to even necessitate getting. Additionally, not many are very keen on the idea of getting something drilled permanently into their gums all for the sake of restoring the look of their original teeth.

However, this is all looking at the superficial side of implants. If you are still unsure whether to get implants or not, then you may want to consider the benefits that this more permanent procedure can do for you.

Smile Confidently, Without Any Worries

PDC Dental notes that “dental implants are the closest you can get to the look and feel of natural teeth”, allowing you to smile confidently without any worries. It goes beyond aesthetics, too; with temporary teeth, the kind of food you eat is severely limited as there is a risk that harder foodstuffs may displace your choppers.

You do not experience this when you have implants. They function similarly to your natural teeth and are actually more durable. This means that you can enjoy the food that you love to eat without any worries.

Preventing Bone Loss

Another neat thing about implants is that it tricks your body into thinking that you never really lost a tooth or a set of teeth. When you lose a tooth, the body undergoes a natural process called resorption. This is when the body starts breaking down the bone beneath the tooth back into the body so that it can use the minerals for something else.

While it may sound beneficial, it negatively affects the shape of your jaw where the process is occurring. In most cases, this means that the resulting area will look uneven compared to the rest of the face. If you lose more than one tooth, it often causes you to look significantly older than your age.

Implants slow down this process, allowing you to retain the tooth bone and your face’s natural shape. In some cases, the implants may actually stimulate bone growth, which is great if the process has already started.

Implants do more than just restore the look and feel of your natural teeth. It also allows you to enjoy the kind of food you love while also slowing down the destructive process of resorption. Make sure to continue cleaning your teeth though. Just because implants are immune to rot and damage, it does not mean you should skip out on oral hygiene!