Dr Freddy Krueger Will See You Now: Worst Medical Nightmares

Medical MalpracticesPeople are bound to commit mistakes. But, in the medical industry, there are no rooms for even the slightest error, as the lives and wellness of both patients and practitioners depend on it. Medical malpractice, in particular, is a serious case for doctors and nurses.

Here are some of the most common medical nightmares previous patients have experienced:

Surgery on the Wrong Site

Often a result of catastrophic administrative errors, there are patients who suffered from this incident because a nurse falsely informed the doctor which limb to amputate. Even though people can file a medical negligence claim, nothing is worse than losing a body part for no particular reason.

Surgery on the Wrong Patient

As if operating on the wrong body part is not enough, there are doctors who mistakenly operated on the wrong patient. Sometimes nurses shuffle patient records on two people who have the same name. In other cases, they mix-up procedure information and doctors provide the wrong surgeries or treatments.

Retained Surgical Instruments

Surgeons use a lot of tools during operations, and some of them tend to overlook if they have a complete set before stitching up the opening. The common instruments they leave are sponge, towels, clamps, knife blades and measuring tools, among many others. This happens mostly in emergency surgeries only.

Baby Switching at Birth

This scenario is a common storyline in novels and films, but it is not far from happening in real life. There are a lot of accounts wherein the parents got the wrong child. As new hospital SOPs require newborn babies to stay with the mothers immediately after birth, the risk for baby mix-ups has become lower than before.

Treatment from Fraud Doctors

Practitioners spend years in schools to master the art of medicine, giving patients peace of mind that they are in good hands. But, there are cases where people receive wrong or insufficient treatment because the attending doctor is not even a real one in the first place. In most cases, these frauds only make the patient’s condition worse.

Hospital treatments do not always go as planned, from patients losing the wrong limb to mothers getting the wrong baby. When seeking medical help, it pays to be more meticulous and keen to details.