From Dark Chocolate to Chicken Liver: Surprisingly Healthy Foods For Your Teeth

Green Tea in ColoradoYour grandparents, parents, and dentists have warned you about certain foods that are bad for your teeth. It’s a long list. You have no idea which are facts.

The only thing you remember is to avoid sugary sweets for cavities and sodas for stains. For the rest of the problems, you can visit cosmetic dental clinics like Willow Creek Dental in Highlands Ranch. But, before you spare yourself from sugar, here are surprising foods that are actually good for your teeth.

Dark Chocolate

Yes, rejoice and be merry, sweet tooth lovers, because dark chocolate is number one on the list. Scientists reveal cacao bean husk (CBH) strengthens tooth enamel and makes your teeth more resistant to sensitivity and cavities. Purchase dark chocolate with 75 percent cacao content or higher and contains less than eight grams of sugar per serving. Scientists refer to it as superfood for the teeth.

Chicken Liver

Chicken liver from grass-fed animals have plenty of vitamin K2 in their daily consumption. The vitamin is vital to the development of the teeth, jaw, and facial structure. It prevents calcium from going into the arteries, and leads it directly to teeth and bones. In North America, deficiency of this vitamin is the reason most children need orthodontics.

Green and Black Tea

You always knew tea is great for your diet, but it’s also good for your teeth. It contains polyphenols, which are natural plant compounds. They feed on the bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities, keeping your teeth in good condition.

Other healthy foods on the list are wild salmon, snap peas, and xylitol. On the other hand, the most horrible food you should avoid are saltine and goldfish crackers, sports drinks, sugar-free soda, dried fruits, kombucha, and lemon water.

Watch your food consumption to keep your teeth healthy.