Getting Married? A Farm Wedding May Be Just for You

Bride With Wedding Planner In Marquee in a farmThere was a time when you could only hold your wedding at your local church. But those days are over as needs and wants have changed over the years. Today, you can get married practically anywhere and in thestrangest of places like a roller coaster, inside a dollar store, or even while suspended 164 feet in the air.

A new trend, while not as adventurous, may be extra unique and unforgettable as well. If you hail from Wisconsin or Minnesota and go for the rustic appeal, there are farm wedding venues in Minnesota that will surely satisfy you. With the ceremony and even the reception done inside a barn, you’ll have lots of Instagram-worthy photos to mark the occasion and serve as a delightful remembrance of the momentous occasion

If you’re still on the fence when it comes to having a barn as a venue for your wedding, here are a few reasons that should convince you.

Ample room for creativity

As it is just a barn after all, even when there are added amenities such as bathrooms and climate-controlled changing areas, you can practically have it decorated to your heart’s wishes. And that includes the lighting, buffet tables, and centerpieces that will not be restricted to existing design aesthetics.

You can DIY the details

A barn is a perfect canvas for anything DIY, like the bar, souvenir items, and even the guestbook, which should keep your decoration cost within the budget. It will also add to the excitement of preparing for the big day as you and your soon-to-be spouse can do the decorations yourselves with the help of friends and family.

You have the place to yourselves

As you may have noticed, a barn usually sits somewhere in the middle of the farm, with green pastures all around and no neighbors for miles. This means you can turn up the music during the reception and have the best time in the world without having to worry about disturbing other people.

You can get loud with a live band

If your budget allows it, you can hire a live band to play your favorite kind of music as the barn should be big enough to have space for the musicians’ instruments. And because you have the place to yourself, they can get loud.

Everyone can come

Yes, that includes children who may otherwise be out place in a high-end hotel or historic house. A farm wedding will give the little tykes enough room to play. They can even enjoy the farm animals if you can have it included in the package.

With the proper preparations, a farm wedding should be the perfect event for anyone who wants to break from the increasingly high-tech trends in the world. It’s a look back to simpler days that you and your partner, as well as your guests, will surely appreciate.