Going Outdoors for Your Wedding? There Are Some Things to Consider

Outdoor wedding decorationsPreparing for a wedding means that you have to make a ton of arrangements. One challenging part is choosing a wedding venue. It is even more challenging is if this venue is outdoors. Forget about the weather forecast and the parking space, or the potentially countless outdoor wedding venues in Kansas. There are more to consider before you get there.

Imagine what your wedding will look like

Having a real plan that works is the most important thing in the whole process. Do you see yourself bathed by the balmy breeze and shaded by glorious oak trees? Do you want to see the sun rising or setting as you say “I do?” Your plan must capture the colors and the style you want your wedding to look and feel like.

The season should blend in

Since your wedding is outdoors, you have only about eight to nine months to choose from—assuming winter remains hard to beat. Expect rain from summer to fall, but colors differ. You only have to make a match with your setting or your decor. However, for sunnier or wetter months, prepare a tent. For colder months, a heater should be in place.

Have enough space for guests

With the style and weather factored in, envision the number of people you want to invite. Outdoor weddings are much harder to arrange, especially with how to hold people in the grounds and with parking. Make sure that there is enough space available if you have a hundred guests. If intimacy is more valued, be low-key or private with space and location.

Look for a well-equipped venue

Whether rowdy or quiet, your chosen wedding venue should have the necessary equipment and facilities from lighting to sound and from catering to waiting. A day of music, food, and merriment is expected after the ceremony, so choose a place that can hold them all together with no fuss.

A wedding is a special day. To make it more special, have it outdoors. When you book for a venue under the sun and the fluttering trees, be consistent and strict from concept to your actual choice.