How Not To Feel Lonely When Travelling Alone

TravelerNot a lot of people look at solo travelling as entertaining and fun. Most look at it as lonely and unsafe. If done wrong, it could truly be unsafe and risky. But if done right, travelling alone can turn a trip into a special memory you will look back at fondly until the future.

People who are not inclined to go global alone are mostly worried about being lonely. While it could be a bit depressing to be in the middle of a sprawling city or a crowded beach alone, it could also be a fun experience to fight the loneliness and solitude through these suggestions:

Meet Other Travellers

What better way to combat loneliness by meeting new people? Strangers will make you feel alone, but new friends will make you even more excited to explore places. Begin on your journey and talk to people or book a hostel in the heart of London, like, and get to know your roommates.

Talk to that person in the train reading a book you loved when you were younger. Share a seat in the pub with someone who ordered the same drink as you did. Who knows, it could be in the quiet corners of a city you are only getting to know that you find your kindred spirit.

Join Group Tours

If talking to strangers who are only in passing is a little too melancholic for you, you can take part in walking tours and excursions. This will allow you to get to know more people who share the same interest as you without worrying when you can talk to them next.

Besides, group tours also help streamline the logistics of solo travelling. You do not need to worry about catching the train or finding the secluded tourist attraction. Someone can do all that for you and all you have left to do is enjoy the scenery and enjoy the company.

Get to Know the Locals

Apart from making friends with your fellow travellers, it also helps cure the blues when you make friends with the locals. After all, culture is one of the finest parts of getting into a plane and getting off in a foreign country. Witness their culture and traditions up close.

It also pays to be friendly with the locals for the best recommendations and for valuable advice against tourist traps. And perhaps, if you find yourself in the same area again soon, you will not have to worry about being lonely and finding ways to be shake off the loneliness: they are going to be there for you.