How to Care of Your Styling Tools

Stylist cutting hairLike makeup artists, hair stylists also take pride in their tools. They go to great lengths to buy the right equipment for the job. When it comes to tools of the trade, quality is key. This is also why stylists and artists take very good care of the tools they use.

Scissors and cutting implements

In the case of hair stylists in NZ, scissors used for hair thinning and other cutting implements are kept clean and well maintained. They are cleaned of excess hair and dirt as well as checked regularly for rust. Since they are used to cutting and style hair, the scissors must be kept sharp at all times. Stylists bring the scissors to a technician who sharpens scissors and nail clippers. It is not something that is done at home.

Brushes and combs

Hairbrushes are another important styling tool. These need to be cleaned after every used to get rid of hair from the previous user. Some clients are very particular about what touches their hair and scalp; this is why good stylists must be very conscious about keeping their brushes clean.

They clean brushes by running a comb on it. This loosens strands of hair and removes them fast. Brushes and styling combs must also be washed with shampoo and water to remove the build-up of oil or styling gel at the base of the bristles. Use a toothbrush to scrub out dirt and grease away gently.

Hair straighteners or irons

Straightening or curling irons also develop a build-up of hair products. They must be washed weekly or every other week, especially if the stylist uses a lot of hairsprays since this contains alcohol, which can damage the metal plates. Other hair styling products also leave residue on the tongs, so they need to be scrubbed out and removed.

Taking care of styling and cutting implements will help them serve you better and for a longer period. This makes them a worthwhile investment.