How You Can Enhance Floor Spacing in Basketball

Enhancing Your Floor SpacingProfessionals and amateurs have one common in problem on the court, which is spacing. If you’ve seen the Golden State Warriors play, they provide you with textbook plays about this aspect of the game. Players don’t crowd the weak or strong side, but are constantly moving, whether it is cutting or making a screen to create space for better options on offense or defense. Learning how to do this keeps ball and player movement fluid and opens opportunities.

Focused Drills

To improve spacing, a coach in a basketball training clinic explained that players need to perform focused drills. Intensive Basketball Camp says this trains the mind and body on how to space the floor with everyone, regardless of which side of the court it is. They need repetition to better understand which position and direction to go, depending on the needs of the play.

Practice with full teams or 3-on-3s provides practice for a team. A coach must also pinpoint the strength and weaknesses of a player for them to understand their roles in the offense or defense. This is when spacing comes into play. Knowing when to cut and set a screen keeps the offense flowing and create better shot opportunities whether it is a lay-up or a corner three-pointer.

Ball and Player Movement

The days of isolation plays taking up a huge part of the shot clock are over. This doesn’t only stop the ball, but produces a poor quality shot that will likely miss. This is when floor spacing becomes important; players need to move whether they have the ball in their hands or not. Players must know went to set screens to free a shooter, create a decoy or prepare for rolling to the rim or popping out. The ball needs to swing from side to side to lead to better results.

Spacing is an important part of basketball because it affects both the offense and defense. Teaching this aspect of the game enables you to become a better individual or team player.