Keratin Hair Straightening: The Amazing Science Behind It

Keratin Hair StraighteningNot everyone can boast of having long, straight and shiny hair. Some, especially those who have frizzy hair, have to continuously and meticulously prep their hair before they go out.

Fortunately, with all the improvements in the hair care industry, you will now find a lot of products and treatments designed to eliminate these frizz problems. One such treatment is keratin hair straightening.

The Basics

Keratin hair treatments, also commonly referred to as Brazilian hair treatments, offer a semi-permanent solution to smoothen and straighten out your hair. It softens curls and treats frizzy hair, resulting in straighter and shinier strands. Unlike other straightening procedures, keratin makes the hair healthier rather than leaving it damaged.

The Best Candidates for the Treatment

One of the greatest advantages of keratin treatments is that they also deliver a restorative effect. This makes it a great option for those who always subject their hair to chemicals, blow dryers, hair irons and other chemicals.

For those who often style their hair straight, this treatment will reduce the amount of blow dry time they need by up to half.

The Science

The treatment involves the infusion of keratin into the cuticles, which is why people who have dyed or highlighted hair can benefit the most, since the shaft of their hair strands are already open. The process injects the keratin straight to the hair’s cortex, resulting in the smoothening out of damaged strands. Once the stylist has applied the straightening solution onto the hair, the next step is to seal it through the use of a flat iron.

Before you finalise your decision, make sure you take the time to consult with a highly trusted and reputable stylist first. Always remember that keratin treatments, although they may produce similar results, have varying procedures and involve different solutions. It all boils down to the kind of hair you have, its texture, and how you also take care of manage your hair.