London is Not Calling: Other Cities to Visit in England

Attractions in EnglandLondon has always been and will always be the capital of England. It is very hard to see a future where the bulk of the country’s economical, financial and social activities is not in the south of the British Isles. The city is also an international tourist favourite and there is no denying it, London is a beautiful place. It is where romance meets classic meets modern.

It is also in London where people’s knowledge of Great Britain ends. The country is small, but they are not lacking in places where the view is breathtaking. Through no fault of their own do tourists rarely venture out of the capital city; it is the most marketed tourist destination in England, after all. Nevertheless, when it comes to history, beauty and value, there are cities in the country that can surely match that which London has to offer.


When talking about England, people go directly to the small roads, roundabouts, and quaint towns. Bath is a little bit bigger than a town, but it is representative of the best that Old England has to offer. Bailbrook Lodge says those on a short break in Bath can look forward to visiting a city that is not lacking in quality accommodations and that it is worthy of a break for people who have seen London one too many times.


Often visited because of its football clubs, the city of Manchester has more than stadiums and a few international footballers. This is where the Industrial Revolution began and people can take tours where they can go to the places that used to be the pillars of modernity.


The place is actually a county, a very important historical one. People can choose whether they go south, north, east or west. No matter where they go, they will surely come across a great number of picture-worthy destinations.


This University City is not that far from London and though it is home to one of the most prestigious schools in the world, Oxford is as normal as can be. For those who have a few more days left on their holiday to England, taking the M40 to Oxford will lead them to having something extra to bring back home.

No tourist can go wrong venturing outside of London. The cities are vibrant as they are diverse, and there are a million different things to do.