Managing a Load of Hazardous Wastes

electronic wastesAn average family throws out nearly 20 pounds of dangerous garbage every year. The US alone produced about 32,285,300 tons of harmful waste in 2009. As a result, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act gave the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the power to manage hazardous wastes in the country in response to this matter.

Know more about this hazardous waste and the ideal ways to get rid of it with advice from the leading hazardous waste management Utah contractors and service providers:

High Risk Products

The EPA has categorized many hazardous home products on their site. Paints, solvents, floor polish, stain remover and other cleaning products are only some of the examples. Auto maintenance supplies, such as engine oil and rust cleanser, also fit this category. Don’t forget about electronic wastes because they are deadly, too. From disposed computers to televisions and mobile gadgets, these correspond to 2% of garbage in dumpsites, but they make up 70% of the entire country’s poisonous wastes.

Management Model

When dealing with hazardous waste, you can use containers designed to hold them while being transported. Some examples are tanks for mass storage, amber glass bottles and plastic pails for medical substances and equipment, and plastic and metal barrels. For proper disposal documentation, there are papers you need to fill up which serve as a task tracker from pickup, storage, and treatment to the actual dumping. These papers may include data on waste substance features for your reference.

Monitoring waste labels is also important. These tags should contain the name of the commercial unit that produced the wastes, the date when you transferred the waste to the container, and the words “Hazardous Waste”. All these are in accordance with the goal of keeping everything clean for the environment.

With this knowledge on hazardous waste, you should be more aware of what’s safe and what to do to promote proper disposal. Stay updated by browsing through official sites or with the waste disposal company near you.