Military Life: Forging Closer Ties with Singapore

Military LifeVolunteers of the initial batches of the SAF Volunteer Corps had diverse backgrounds and came from different age brackets. Members of the very first batch were enlisted on March 24. The first cohort of volunteer soldiers had their inauguration on June 27.

Hearing Different Motives

The reasons of the volunteers for joining the Corps were just as diverse. Some of the volunteers said they wanted to serve and give back to Singapore. Others wanted to be role models for their children who will have to serve in the National Service once they turn 18. There are still others who were simply interested in being soldiers.

No matter the personal reason, all of the volunteers were able to grow closer with Singapore and its community. You can experience the same thing. The criteria for volunteering are simple.

Fitting in the Criteria

You must be anywhere between 18 and 45 years of age. You must be physically fit. You must have a strong desire to defend the country.

You must have no prior National Service commitment, meaning you must be one of three types of people in Singapore: a Singaporean woman, a first-generation permanent resident of Singapore or a new Singaporean citizen.

Training to be a Defender

Should you decide to join the Corps, you ought to know what to expect. SAF Volunteer Corps explains you will go through Basic Training (BT) first. You can take it within two straight weeks or over ten consecutive Saturdays. After BT, you will advance to Qualification Training, another one straight week or five consecutive Saturdays of training.

Deploying in a Role

Qualification Training prepares you for a specific role. There are nine categories you can serve in: Security, Naval Operations, Maritime Trainers, Information, Medical Trainers, Legal, C4 (Command, Control, Communications & Computers), Defence Psychologist and Engineering. Some roles require you to take Advanced Training, which you can take in one week or five Saturdays.

Once you finish the training and you are deployed, you will officially be a soldier and defender of Singapore. It is both a great honour and a great achievement.