Must-Have Snow and Ski Clothing for Beginners

Couples holding snow ski equipmentsHitting the powder for the first on skis or snowboard is a big moment. You want to make sure you keep those good feelings by dressing up in the right kind of clothes. Buying the right snow ski clothing online at Pedigree Ski Shop will make sure you are warm and dry the whole time you are out there. Resist the temptation to skimp on proper ski or snowboard wear to save money. It will ruin the entire experience for you.

Here are some essentials you should start buying.


A helmet and goggles are must-haves when snowboarding or skiing. The first thing you will probably do on your vacation is falling. A helmet will keep you going with a few bruises. Without it, you may spend the rest of your stay in a hospital. If you do not want to buy a helmet, you can rent one for a small fee. Goggles keep you from falling and hitting obstacles by reducing glare from the snow. It also protects your eyes from the wind, debris, and snow. A good pair will cost around $40.


The clothes you wear next to the skin are the key to keeping you warm and dry. They keep your body heat in and water from sweat out. You need actual underwear made of special manmade fabric that dries quickly. Those made with 100% cotton soak up water. The next layer is the base layer, and this should be heavyweight manmade fabric or wool. The mid-layer is the one directly underneath your outerwear, and you may only need it if it is very cold. The best material for a mid-layer is fleece. Finally, choose wool or other performance fabric socks that fit with no wrinkles or loose fabric. These can chafe the skin when you are moving, and that is painful.


The last three things you need are a ski jacket, pants, and gloves. The purpose of this outerwear is to keep cold and moisture out, so they need to be waterproof to some degree. Some have insulation, which is a good idea if you are a beginner. You will spend quite a bit of time standing still or falling at first, so you will not be generating much heat. They should also have good breathability, so it does not lock in your sweat. Finally, they should fit comfortably and not restrict movement too much.


All this clothing may seem like a lot, but you will be glad of them when you are actually out in the snow. Making do with regular clothing is a bad idea. Buy your snow ski clothing online ahead of time to make sure you get them before you head out.