Newbie Washing Rules For Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Microfiber Cleaning ClothsYou have recently discovered the wonders of microfiber cleaning cloths. Stores do carry them and after buying a few and trying them out at home, cleaning one item after the other, you are completely convinced of its many uses and effectiveness.

Of course, you would like to buy more and get yourself set up with enough cloths for future use. But before you do that, how about you find out how you can clean these rags with these easy-to-follow instructions?

Cold, Warm But Not Hot

Cleaning cloths from the likes of aren’t like the regular cleaning rags you have at home. If heated, they can shrink or get misshapen and be rendered useless. With this in mind, make sure that when they go through your dryer, do not use any heat in any of the cycles. If you can manage hand washing, then do so but the water should remain cold, warm at the most, but definitely not hot.

Use Pure Detergent

Avoid using strong soap for washing these cleaning cloths to avoid any form of hardening of the microfibers. The purer the better. Don’t add fabric softener, any sort of alkaline or bleach. And if possible, use soap that’s not anti-static. After all, static cling is the one feature of microfiber cloth such an effective cleaning material. If you really want to go pure, try soaking the cloths in baking soda and water before you machine wash them.

Separate Washing

Microfiber cloths are best washed with other microfiber materials. Keep them in their own wash cycle after you are done with laundering your clothes. This would most likely mean you wash your cleaning cloths altogether when you already have enough dirty ones to fill a load. However, if you cannot wait or don’t have enough dirty cloth for one rotation, use a laundry bag to keep the in before you toss them in with your clothes laundry cycle.

So now that you know how to take care of your newly found cleaning treasure, go ahead and stock up. Check the different kinds, colors and quality of microfiber cloths available and see which you would use best for your daily cleaning. Make sure you also check for the best sources for these items as they are only as good as their performance and quality. Happy cleaning!