Personalized Farewell Gift Ideas Specially Made for Your Best Friend

Two friends with a surprise giftBeautiful memories aren’t the only thing your best friends should be leaving with once they migrate to another country. You can choose to leave them with unique and memorable gifts as well so that they know you truly treasure them.

Here are a few creative gifts you can give:

Personalized Jewelry – Reflect how unforgettable and priceless their friendship is to you by choosing a ring, bracelet or even a whole jewelry set with precious stones. Though you might be thinking of diamond vs. moissanite, the latter might be a unique option. According to, moissanite retains brilliance longer; almost as hard as diamonds, but more affordable. Colorless versions actually look like real diamonds too.

Friendship Albums – Of course, you can make the scrapbook yourself, but there are companies that can create an album for you to preserve all your precious prints. You can have them blown up and have text included to look like an album or a book. You can even have a digital album made features short video clips and photo montages of your precious times together. Personalize it further by putting in your friendship logo and making your best friend’s favorite color the motif of the album.

Best Friend Items – Print an inside joke on a couple of durable, and preferably branded, pair of shirts. You can actually do this with mugs, jackets, key chains, journals, and anything you can print on. You don’t have to limit it to just jokes either. Print a personal message, and your best friend’s motto or a memorable excursion. Just make sure that whatever print or item you’ve chosen that your gift would make an impact on your best friend.

Make the gift giving even more memorable by throwing a farewell party for them and invite all your close mutual pals. Everyone can choose to give their gifts then while having a great time. Just don’t forget to post your pictures online later on, so you both can remember the day.