Planning for a Fun First Vacation with Your Boyfriend

Young Couple Navigating a MapAre you planning to have your first vacation trip together and want it to be great? Of course, it’s natural that you would want to find a place where you can both enjoy each other’s company along with the view. However, your partner might have a different perception of what fun is. Here’s what to keep in mind:

Shop for Them Too

One of the biggest issues men usually have is most of them don’t enjoy shopping. Not unless it’s a gadget, gear, or equipment, they won’t be spending hours in the mall comparing one item with another. Buy the right men’s clothes, toiletries and even heated snowboard boots from shops like, while you’re on your own shopping spree. Make sure you choose quality brands that he’s familiar with, though.

Consider Their Interest

Speaking of choosing brands they appreciate, did you ask them where they’d like to go? In most of your dates, your choices were probably given more consideration than his. It would only be fair to ask him where he would like to go this time. If you both have the same interests and selections, then that would be fantastic. If they specify a place or an activity you’re not especially fond of, think of it as a way of learning something new while being with someone you love.

Find a Middle Ground

If all fails, you can look for a vacation venue that offers both your preferences. Check the activities available in your chosen place. See if there are other options that can be had nearby. The same can be said about your accommodations and food selections. Make sure that there is a variety of places to stay and restaurant within the vicinity with readily available transport. After all, you should always have a Plan B.

Consider this a memorable milestone in your relationship. That said, you should also be aware of what your partner would prefer. After all, you’d find it hard to enjoy your trip if he wasn’t having fun along with you.