Pregnancy and All the Things You’re Worried About

pregnancyYou can prepare yourself for what’s to come, but nothing will ever prepare you for what it feels like.

Women are lined up for a series of life-changing milestones in the duration of their lives. While some are exciting there are those that just terrify you.

Puberty alone is a gateway for all that may come to you as you flower into womanhood—the most important being motherhood.

Motherhood comes with pregnancy and that comes along with all the things you are probably worried about, such as the following:


Earning for yourself is already a challenge. Bringing another life into the world and providing for it? That is a completely different story.

Most times, this worry consumes women and drive you to think you aren’t capable enough to provide for the child you are carrying. Knowing that you can get financial assistance for pregnancy will help address your concerns about money.

Life Adjustments

They always say that motherhood will change you. Although, they probably meant it in a positive light, you just can’t help stressing about it.

You will most likely have to drop some, or most, of your habits that include long nights, alcohol intoxication and youthful bad decisions—a sacrifice that’s not so easy to do especially if you’re in your early 20s.

Giving Birth

Going into labor may have to be the scariest thing you will ever have to say in your last trimester. The joy of seeing your baby and holding him or her in your arms may be enough to keep your mind off the pain you are about to endure.

Still, you should know your options. You can go through a normal birth or a cesarean section, either way you can choose to get an epidural and numb yourself to totally get rid of the pain.

Motherhood is a gift that not most women are able to make the most of. So stop stressing yourself and your baby with worries that can be addressed with the help of others and research.

You may fear what it entails, but focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel can blur out the darkness on the way there.