The Chicken We’ve Grown To Love: Southern Style Chicken

Southern Fried ChickenAny peace-loving, warm-hearted American has a deep love for Southern fried chicken. After all, who can resist its flavorful, greasy glory? Whether for a children’s party or a tailgate, fried chicken is a great item to bring to satisfy everyone’s food cravings. But did you know how the fried chicken came to be one of the country’s all-time favorites?

The culture of cooking and eating Southern fried chicken in the United States began when Scottish immigrants settled in the country. According to Urban Daily, the Scots basically turned fried chicken into a food trend and distinguished themselves from other European immigrants as most of them consumed baked chicken.

However, fried chicken has always been eaten in Medieval Western Europe. The same is true for fried food, which has always been a staple in the diet of the ancient cultures in Europe, North America, and Asia.

The Scots found home in the Southern United States, which was deemed the birthplace of the fried chicken. African slaves, who were brought to the U.S. to work as cooks and plantations, gave the chicken an exotic twist using fragrant spices and seasonings. Fried chicken was also immensely part of the Africans’ diet in the States as they were allowed to raise poultry as a food source.

An interesting discussion among history buffs on website Stack Exchange, meanwhile, argues that it was the Scots-Irish who brought the fried chicken to the country. Quoting a piece by history professor David Hackett Fischer, another participant in the discussion claimed that fried chicken was of English origin instead, and was a feature of the fare in the tidewater settlements, such as Virginia. You’ll be the judge as to which school of “fried chicken thought” you’ll subscribe to.

Nowadays, Southern-style fried chicken is ubiquitous. Almost every corner has a family-owned restaurant or fast-food on the famous dish. And whether you’re making it from home or having a takeout, it is guaranteed that generous helpings of a brown gravy mix will enhance the flavor of the humble fried chicken, reminds. How do you like yours?