Three Top Signs That Will Tell You’re a Foodie

woman enjoying a dessertEating has surely evolved from just being a rudimentary activity for survival to becoming a way to taste the finer pleasures in life. It’s not just a functional means to nourish yourself but is also an engagement, a social activity.

With the food’s shift to being an object of enjoyment and delight, foodies have been born. Foodies are those people who have professed undying adoration and affection for food. If you are one of them, some signs will give you away.

If you suspect that you are a foodie, here are some signs that will help validate your claim:

You can try anything

You hardly care what you eat, but you are not exactly a big eater or whatnot. You just love trying out new dishes—from exotic choices to connoisseur’s picks. You can easily describe the layers of tastes and textures in every bite, and you can always appreciate the process behind every recipe.

You enjoy cooking

Next to eating, you have developed an affair with cooking. This may be partly due to your desire to reverse-engineer the new dish you have tasted yesterday or maybe because you simply like experimenting. You might have even come up with various hacks that will make food much tastier and your cooking much more efficient.

Your online bookmarks include recipes

Speaking of cooking, you are still big on food and recipes even online. You surely have a couple of recipes bookmarked. And you certainly have searched for chicken leg quarter recipes on When on YouTube, you have spent an inordinate amount of time watching Tasty, Epicurious, Tastemade, and the likes of them.

Becoming a foodie is an enjoyable and worthy avocation. When you are a foodie, you acknowledge that eating is not just a means to survive but also an affair with and appreciation for the things that make you alive.