Types of Household Plumbing Drain Snakes

DrainageWhen your child drops a doll into your toilet, or when your plunger cannot get the work done, you can use a drain snake to remove it.

Drain snakes also come in handy for many other clogs including sewers, kitchen sink drains, shower stoppages and so forth. The right drain snake for the job will remove the clog without damaging anything in the system.

Even though drain snakes come in different types, Whipple Service Champions, plumbing repair specialist in Salt Lake City, will tell you that only few will ever really be necessary for a regular household.

Plumbers might have all of them, but it will not be necessary for you to as well. After all, it’s best to leave the work to the professionals. So which are the common types?

Drain snake

Used to clear of tubs and showers, the standard drain snake (also known as a top snake) is the smallest of all drills. You could also use it for kitchen sinks and washing machines. Most of them have a cable with a sharp end for collecting debris. You can get an electric drain snake or a manual one, and they will work just the same.

Toilet Auger

Also referred to as a closet auger, the toilet auger is an affordable manual snake for toilet stoppages. You use it if you cannot unclog your toilet with a plunger. Typically, the toilet auger is a long metal bend tube on one end, with a cable inside that you turn with a handle.

One end has a sharp tip that holds into soft objects and allows you to pull them. The bend allows the closet auger to fit well into the toilet bowl bottom making it more efficient than standard snakes.

Medium drain machine

The medium drain machine is also known as a mini-rooter. The drain snake is a 50 to 70 feet cable with a 3 to an 8-inch diameter that runs on an electric motor to unclog, with many replaceable cutter heads.

If your washing machine line stretches from a roof vent or if your kitchen has an extension, this snake is perfect. However, even though it is multi-purpose, you shouldn’t use it for shower stoppages as it can do more damage than good.

While there are many more drain snakes that are useful for different purposes, the homeowner only needs a few in their home.

Others, such as the sewer auger will come with the plumber when the need arises. People do not regularly use them anyway. Besides, they need trained expertise to handle without damaging the whole system.