Personal Thank You Gifts for Your Guest Speakers

speakerPlaques of appreciation and medals are requisite thank-you gifts. However, if you want to make yourself more appealing to your guest speaker and show them how appreciative you and your group are for their efforts, try giving them something with more personality. Here are but three options.

Foodie Tour – This can go two ways: first, you can take your speaker along on a walking or driving tour of your city’s or town’s most famous foodie places. Give them a personal account of the most interesting history of how the food became so popular, legends about its creation and even anecdotes on what makes these dishes so well known. Second, especially when your speaker doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands, why not just bring the food to them via catering or by commissioning local restaurants?

Souvenir Box – Not just any souvenir box, either, but a collection of the most popular and top quality souvenirs unique to your area. These can range from sweets to sculptures to clothes and other produce or items. Hopefully, this also encourages them to return not only as a motivational speaker but also as a traveller seeking out more of your city’s culture, arts and crafts. At the very least, they will no longer see you as just another speaking engagement.

Framed and Personalised Artworks – When certificates aren’t good enough, commission a Brisbane fine art printout or painting and have it framed with everyone’s handwritten messages of gratitude and appreciation on the back of the frame. Good thing there are now limited edition contemporary art works that can be printed and customised. Now, you can easily afford these wonderful art pieces created by international artists and give them as memorable gifts.

Speakers may sound as if they don’t need to be inspired but they will mostly want to feel affirmed and encouraged too. By making the effort to give them something personalised, you give them a reason to keep doing what they do best. Be assured that your gift also made them happy that they visited.