What a Food-safe Restaurant Needs

Food-safe Restaurant NeedsWhen you’re opening a new restaurant, the menu is normally your main consideration. What tickles your customers’ taste buds is what will establish your restaurant and make it succeed. But, while you’re understandably excited about your offerings, you have to ensure the quality of your dishes first. How safe are they to eat?

Food safety should be a top priority of any budding restauranteur, as it can make or break a promising business venture. Make sure to have a food-safe restaurant. Get started by making sure your business has these.

An Authorised Food Safety Supervisor

Even the most hands-on restaurant owner won’t be able to monitor everything that’s happening in and out of the kitchen. A reliable food safety supervisor with food handling certification can help ensure the proper handling and preparation of everything you serve.

As the owner, you need to nominate an FSS who will be in charge of monitoring your food handling staff, which includes chefs, sous chefs and other kitchen workers. In addition, the FSS will have to identify potential food handling hazards such as contamination, so you must make sure that whoever you hire has had training for the job.

Well-trained Food Handlers

It will be difficult to work with food handlers that have zero training, and you can’t rely on the FSS to be present in your establishment all day and every day. Hiring staff members that have a background on the Australian Food Safety Standards can put your mind at ease, because you know they play by the rules.

Apart from training, make sure your food handlers are in good health whenever they come to work. Sicknesses such as common colds and coughs can spread bacteria around the kitchen and the food supply. Advise the members of your kitchen staff to stay home when they’re not feeling well, rather than risking contaminating your dishes.

Reliable Vendors

Where you get your ingredients has a huge role in the quality and safety of the food you are serving. Before committing to a vendor, check whether they are licensed by your local government and if they have certifications that support a good track record in selling food supplies. For peace of mind, you may want to visit their location to see if they observe proper sanitation processes.

Starting a restaurant business is challenging, with many factors to consider. Food safety should be your top priority, and these must-do’s can help you ensure that.