What You Didn’t Know Moisturizers Can Do For You

Woman Applying MoisturizerWe all know that moisturizers, well…. moisturize. Moisturizers though have added benefits you need to know about to make you think twice the next time you want to skip moisturizing.

Gives More Protection

Moisturizers give an added layer of protection aside from the SPFs day creams are formulated with. They can also be a protective layer from environmental conditions and help the skin keep its required moisture.

Clears Blemishes

People who thought that moisturizers can aggravate acne experience the opposite with continued use. Case in point, a lot of Filipina reviews swear by Origani’s Cosmetics’ Day Cream calming breakouts. The product has aloe vera, which soothes inflammation and has antibacterial properties as well.

Gives You a Flawless Look

The more you use moisturizer, the more your face is hydrated, softening those wrinkles and unwanted lines, giving you that youthful glow.

Also, moisturizers are important before you apply make-up to avoid those creased lines under the eyes. Yes ladies! There is a ritual that needs to be followed before you apply make-up. And the steps include choosing the right moisturizer to go with that fab make-up.

Don’t just buy a product, though. Try out some brands until you find the one that your skin will love. If your face is oily and prone to acne, you might want to try different cosmetic products from Origani, which ingredients won’t clog pores.

Makes You Look Younger

Moisturizers also promote collagen production. Collagen is responsible for making skin elastic. We develop wrinkles and fine lines as our body’s collagen production decreases. Using moisturizers can keep our skin younger.

If you think that moisturizers are gross and will only make your face look greasier, think again. Available in the market are non-greasy moisturizers that won’t clog your skin or give you that oily look. Ask your girlfriends (or boyfriend) to help you find that perfect moisturizer.

Don’t just use moisturizer when you see your skin starts to dry. You seriously should consider adding moisturizer to your skin regimen, if you want to keep looking young and gorgeous.