What Your Urine is Telling You: A Health Message About Your Body 

Human UrineHuman urine, according to experts, can reveal a lot about the state of one’s health.  Its colour, density and smell can provide important clues about what is happening inside your body.  It can tell you what you have been eating, drinking, and even the illnesses you have. This is one of the main reasons urine has been a useful tool of diagnosis since the earliest days of medicine.

The colour of urine varies and depends on its concentration. It usually ranges from honey to a light straw colour, with yellow variations in between. If you are healthy and well hydrated, you’ll have a pale straw urine colour. If your pee has no colour or transparent, you need to cut on water, as it indicates that you’ve been drinking too much.

Keep reading to know the messages your pee is trying to send you.

The Dark Problem

Dark yellow urine is a sign that you’re not drinking enough water. Amber or honey coloured urine also indicates that your body is not getting enough fluids. Drinking clean water from faucets or water purifiers is necessary to have a normal and healthy pee.

The medication or the food you take can also affect the colour of your urine. Laxative and chemotherapy drugs, for instance, can make your pee darker than normal. Eating a lot of beets and blueberries can also make your pee look pink or reddish.

The Issue With Smell

Healthy human urine does not have a strong smell. If yours is particularly pungent, you may have a urinary infection or kidney stones. Diabetics, on the other hand, might notice that their urine smells a little sweet, mainly because of excess sugar.

Certain foods can also change urine colour. Asparagus, for instance, can give a distinctive smell that may resemble rotting cabbage. This is because of the breakdown of a sulphur compound, or sulphur-containing fertilisers used on asparagus.

Don’t ignore the colour and odour of your pee. It is advisable to get a sophisticated urinalysis, especially if you are noticing abnormalities like blood or a strong, pungent odour.