What’s the Ibogaine Treatment All About?

Drug AddictionSubstance abuse is a real problem. It becomes more of a bother when you are trying to quit the substance you are abusing but rehab isn’t really working its miracles. If this is your case, you might find solace in Ibogaine therapy.

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a natural psychoactive substance that has the power to interrupt substance dependency by resetting and refreshing opiate receptor sites. The substance is found in iboga plants, especially the Tabernanthe iboga. Since the plant is native to West Africa, ibogaine treatment cost might vary depending on how easy it is to get the substance.

Ibogaine acts as a stimulant that will decrease fatigue and improve energy levels when used in lower doses. Higher doses might induce dream-like states to individuals who are awake and can help you hallucinate away hard drug addiction.

How is Ibogaine Treatment Valued?

The cost comprises the actual treatment and overall experience you get at the treatment facility. Since ibogaine can lead to undesired results if taken in the wrong dosage, it is paramount that you use it under medical supervision.

Couple this with a calming ambiance to help enhance the substance’s impact on your body and you could be getting varied bills depending on the institution you choose. The expected value in a reputable facility could be $3500 to $5500.

Why Does it Cost So Much? 

Let’s get one thing clear: ibogaine treatment in itself isn’t so costly. All you need is a health professional to monitor your dosage and how you react to the medicine. The additional luxury accommodation could even be thrice or five times the cost of treatment.

If you are going to the treatment center just to sober up and cure your problem, you should be comfortable with skipping deluxe packages and going straight for the results. If you are willing to think of your treatment as a vacation, you definitely won’t have an issue with the hiked prices.