Why Preserve Your Tooth With Root Canal?

 Root Canal Procedure in IndianapolisDo you know root canal treatment saves around 17 million teeth annually? Many patients would rather preserve their dead tooth, allowing it to stay in place, as compared to extracting and replacing it with implants.

You’ve been suspecting it for a long time and now and your dentist told you something you have been dreading to hear – you need a root canal. Before you jump out of that dental chair and run, it might be helpful to know some facts about root canal.

What is it?

Sure, you’ve heard of the term but do you really know what root canal does to your affected tooth or teeth? Surprisingly, there are still a number of people who think the procedure is done to save the tooth. That is not accurate. Root canal is performed by your dentist to preserve your dead tooth and not bring it back to life.

Pain You can handle

To hear the ominous-sounding term can be unnerving and easily associated with pain; but is it really painful? The answer depends on your pain tolerance, or rather how you handle pain. According to WebMD, most of the patients feel little to no pain at all while their dentists are performing root canal on their affected tooth. Nevertheless, you can expect some pain to set in a couple of days. If that happens, you can take non-prescription or prescribed pain medication, depending on how discomforting the pain is.

Why suffer when you can pull it out?

Can the dentist pull out the affected tooth? Of course, he can. Think along this line – it is much simpler to preserve your tooth compared to pulling it out and replacing it with false tooth or an implant. A false tooth can easily break after a few years, while an implant involves a complicated process and can be very expensive. In fact, the American Association of Endodontists state that natural tooth preservation should always be top priority instead of extracting it right away and replacing with an implant.

Where can you seek root canal treatment?

You could ask your family dentist if he can perform one on you. However, if you just moved to another US State, like Indiana for instance, you can always look for dentists who are qualified to perform root canals in Indianapolis. If you don’t know where to start, fire up your web browser and search. For sure, you will find one who can perform root canal procedure on your affected tooth.

Root canal procedure is a complicated process that only dentists specializing in such method should perform. It can also take some time before the procedure is fully complete. Thus, you need to make some arrangements and preparations prior to treatment.