Why Straighter Teeth Are Healthier Teeth: Benefits of Tooth Straightening

Benefits of Tooth StraighteningHaving a healthy set of natural teeth comes with many advantages in life. Being able to maintain your oral and dental health is important for many reasons, not just so you are able to chew your food. Preventing gum disease and bacteria build up is very important for both your oral and general health and wellbeing.

Developing gum disease comes with many different consequences. One of the leading causes of tooth loss is gum disease and this could lead to more expensive dental treatment down the line. Not only does gum disease carry dangers for the wellbeing of your natural teeth but it has been linked to problems elsewhere in the body – from heart and lung disease to strokes, diabetes to premature labour in pregnant women.

According to a recent study for National Smile Month, 48% of adults are unhappy with the way their current smile looks, and tooth alignment is one of the key causes of concern. At Burwell Dental Clinic in Newmarket cosmetic orthodontic treatment is available using the Six Month Smiles system of tooth-coloured braces. Although referred to as “cosmetic” braces, these appliances also come with health benefits.

Having a straight set of teeth that meet evenly has many health benefits. First, straight and tidy teeth are easier to keep clean. Brushing is made more effective because more of the surface of the tooth is accessible by regular brushing and flossing.

Some systems of discreet tooth straightening treatment can also help with problems affecting your bite – how your jaws meet each other. When teeth are aligned and meet in the right way, natural wear of your teeth is reduced. Also, if your bite isn’t even, more pressure could be put on some teeth than others, increasing the risk of you chipping or even fracturing your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment is a preventative measure and could also save you money and further complications later in life. Modern dentistry is advanced but prevention is definitely better than cure.