3 Considerations to Take into Account When Choosing Dental Braces

Dental Braces in NewmarketIn the United Kingdom, there has never been a better time to have misaligned teeth than now. Not that it is the current fad nor it is good for your oral health, but there more orthodontic treatments today than ever.

Decades ago, you have no choice but live with metal braces and the disadvantages that come with them. Now, technological advancements have given birth to modern dental braces in Newmarket and other English towns. Other treatments may still be far from perfect, but they nonetheless provide you options to treat your dental imperfections your way.

When choosing the right orthodontic solution, here are the three things you should take into account:


You want noticeable results, not noticeable braces. More and more patients are feeling encouraged to wear braces because they are less visible. Gone are the days you have to sport awkward-looking orthodontic devices for years, which ruin your smile.

There are plenty of dental appliances that straighten teeth with less conspicuous appearance. The Invisalign lets you wear removable clear aligners you can take out when eating or drinking. Lingual braces are similar to the traditional metal braces, only they are installed on the inside of your teeth. Ceramic braces come in semi-translucent or tooth-coloured brackets with clear ties that can give you a natural look.


Aesthetics aside, you have to consider the ability of each solution to correct your dental imperfection over a certain period. The rate at which your teeth would move to their appropriate places depends on the material used in the braces.

Metal braces remain relevant because they are still the fastest in correcting misaligned teeth — particularly in complex cases. Ceramic comes second, but Invisalign ranks last because it is made of plastic.


All appliances feel differently upon wearing. Some materials irritate the gums, while others cause less discomfort. Also, the very application of the braces defines the level of comfort they bring.

No orthodontic solution is faultless. Even if you found the most suitable treatment for your case, you have to take the good with the bad.