3 Dental Professionals with Different Fields of Specialty

Dental ProfessionalsSome people think the only dental health care professional they need is a general dentist because it is the most common profession there is. There is so much more to dentistry, however. Professionals take different specialties to accommodate the needs of their patients. If the condition is a bit more complicated, you may need to consult dental professionals with different specialties

Here are three of those professionals and what they specialize at:


An orthodontist focuses on treating problems with teeth alignment. If you are not satisfied with how your teeth are aligned, American Family Orthodontics suggests that you visit an orthodontist to know which treatment best fits your needs. 

If it is an overbite or under bite, they usually recommend aligners specifically made for your teeth. For major teeth alignment issues, the most popular treatments is wearing braces for a few years and then wearing retainers for one more year.


A periodontist is focused on identifying and treating oral health problems that involve the oral bones and gums. The most common cases they treat are gum and bone disease (periodontitis) and gingivitis. They may still require you to send in your dental records so they could further assess what could’ve caused the problems. Some of the most common treatments they provide include deep pocket cleaning, dental implants, crown lengthening, and tissue grafting.


An endodontist specializes in the prevention and treatments for diseases that involve the human dental pulp and tissues. They focus on the tooth nerve, which contains fibrous tissues, lymphatic tissues, venules, nerves, and arterioles. They handle some of the most complicated oral care procedures, most of which involves surgeries. The most popular treatment they do is root canal treatment and wisdom tooth removal.

These are only some of the dental health professional who you may need in the future to take care of your oral health problems. Ask your general dentist for referrals to get only the best services.