3 Reasons People with Dementia Frequently Fall

Elderly Man Talking to a DoctorFalls among the elderly are common, but it’s much more frequent for old people who suffer from dementia. This leads to a range of further health problems, from bruises and cuts to loss of independence and immobility.

One key to preventing such incidents is to know why exactly falls happen so that you can take precautionary measures.

1. Poor Balance

Studies show that even before memory problems set in, problems in the way people walk and balance their body can already indicate a cognitive decline in patients suffering from dementia. When an elderly person has trouble walking, it’s likely that he or she is already having trouble in thinking. This combo makes it harder for dementia patients to move around freely, thus making them susceptible to falls, with incidents commonly happening in the bathrooms. That’s why as caregivers, it’s important to install safety features in this part of the house. Consider getting portable walk-in bathtubs and toilet safety rails to help support your aging loved ones, stresses Heavenly Walk In Tubs.

2. Memory Impairment

Memory loss is one of the defining symptoms of dementia. It interferes with daily life and renders your loved one more prone to falls. So, even if you frequently remind your parents to use their walker when moving, since their memory is impaired, they will likely forget this try to walk on their own, without the help of anyone or anything.

3. Vision Problems

There are cases of dementia where vision is affected. Poor vision would keep your aging loved one from seeing clutter or the puddle of water on the floor, resulting in slips and falls when they step on them.Dementia patients are at a greater risk of falls and injuries. Prevent those incidents by having safety features at your home that will support aging loved ones’ movements.