3 Things You’re Doing Wrong when Buying Jewelry

jewelryIt’s that time of the year when people are thinking of buying something significant for the special people in their lives. If you’re in that position and thinking of buying someone a gem, it could be that you’re freaking out about how exactly to go about it. You see, jewelry is a deeply personal way to express one’s style, and you want to be sure you get everything right. Well, you can, if you avoid these mistakes.

Choosing a bad retailer

While many jewelers claim to sell great custom fashion pieces, not all of them can be trusted. An unscrupulous seller will promise you one thing but deliver something different. You want to work with a reputable retailer who keeps their word, like AAA Jewelers, which offers custom jewelry in Utah.

Trying to eyeball quality

Here’s where most people get it wrong. You think that by looking very closely at a gem you can tell whether it’s high quality or not. The fact is you can’t tell the difference between a heated and unheated ruby just by looking. Neither can you tell an emerald that’s been oiled apart from one that wasn’t. The way to go about it is to ask the jeweler directly and request for certification documents.

Not knowing your audience

So you’ve found a gorgeous piece that you find irresistible and are ready to fork out a fortune for it. Good for you. The only problem is does that piece really fit the personality of the receiver? If the person uses her hands for her job, are you sure that heavy bracelet, stunning as it might be, will work for her? Try to study a person’s lifestyle and tastes before investing in an item.

While jewelry is among the most special gifts you can give a person, it’s vital that you get it right when buying them a gem. If you approach the endeavor with some foresight, you can win the challenge.