3 Wedding Venue Considerations for Engaged Couples

Indoor wedding receptionWhen it comes to choosing the venue for your wedding, you cannot just rely on your bridal intuition. Ample research is necessary. After all, your chosen place is one of the highlights of your weddings. Your guests will not only remember how beautiful you and your partner were, or how great the food was. When you and your guests look at your wedding photos, your venue will stand out as either perfect or poorly planned.

Here are three considerations to make when scouting where to exchange your “I do’s”.


Deciding early on what theme you wish to have for your wedding will make venue hunting easier for you. For instance, once you have chosen a royal-inspired wedding motif, then you can zero in on palatial venues. The same goes if you have unequivocally opted for a beach wedding or a barn wedding venue in Kent.


This is perhaps the most crucial among all of your concerns while you are planning your big day. Not only will you have to wrack your brain as to who to invite, but you also have to determine whether you can find (and afford) a place that could accommodate the guests you will choose to share this special moment in your life with.

Other than that, you also have to look into whether your guests will appreciate the kind of venue of your fancy. After all, you—the couple—are not the only ones expected to have a blast during your wedding day.


It does not hurt to be practical, even on your wedding day. Here, practical could mean many different things. Will it be accessible to your guests? How is the weather in your chosen locale during your wedding date? Will there be enough accommodations for your guests should you decide on a destination wedding?

Your wedding day is one of the highlights of your entire life. Sufficient planning is of the essence.