4 Ways to Organise a Successful Training Seminar for Your Company

Choosing Venues

There’s no denying that training seminars can give employees an opportunity to learn new practices in the industry. While such events can cost money and time to plan and execute, these can also help big in boosting employees’ productivity and expertise.

Here are some suggestions to make sure that your event will be fruitful:

Choose an ideal venue

Choose a venue that meets the requirements of your event. Apart from making sure that it’s available on your chosen dates, it should have enough seating for all attendees and guests. It should have equipment that matches with your audio-visual tools, as well. To avoid the hassle, The Alliance Hotel added that it might be better to find a venue that has everything you need. There are many hotel function rooms in Brisbane, so you won’t find it difficult to find the right one.

Find the right speaker

When choosing a speaker, it’s common sense to invite someone who’s well-respected in their industry and has a vast, well-rounded perspective on the topics you want to cover in the training. Speakers should be engaging and should know well how to break up information with humour.

Present easy-to-understand topics

For better retention, the materials you present should include bullet-pointed information. It’s also wise if you provide a copy of all the materials discussed during the seminar. Before the event, it’s best to run through the whole event and presentation materials to know if there are flaws you need to improve.

Allow free time

Have a set free time for the attendees, so they can visit different the area’s popular sites. This is especially true if you’re holding the training seminar in a well-known spot within or outside the city. The seminar should feel like a vacation for them to make the whole event more remarkable.

Organising a training seminar for your company is a big job indeed. This requires creativity and focus, so why not follow the above-mentioned suggestions to make your event relevant and unforgettable.