5 Must-Have Hunting Tools

Man hunting with dogHunting has become more of a sport than a survival skill. Whether you are considering it or just starting, you will need to buy tools necessary for hunting.

Here are five must-have tools to include in your starter pack.

1. A hunting gun or bow and arrow

Hunting wouldn’t be hunting without these two. You can opt for either. If carrying a bow and arrow, carry as many arrows as you can. You never know how many misses it will take to finally down your target. There are quite some bow and arrow types. To know which one would be ideal for you, walk into a hunting store in Michigan and ask for advice.

2. A Pocket Knife

Hunters have many uses for a pocket knife. You can use it to cut ropes and strings, to notch a tag, opening up food cans — name it. The best part is it is compact and foldable. Hardly would anyone notice you are carrying one.

3. A Flagging Tape

Another must-have tool with multiple uses. You should ensure that you have a roll with you at all times. You can use it to mark your trail; you can stick it on trees to mark your way back or track a blood trail especially when it is rainy.

4. A Range Finder

A Range Finder will help you a great deal in calculating the right distance to the target. This will greatly minimize the missed shots and make your hunting more enjoyable.

5. A Handheld GPS

Thanks to technology, it has become one of the most important hunting tools. It helps the hunter know where they are and the direction they are headed. It helps you not to get lost.

If you are a hunting newbie and are wondering where to start when it comes to tools, a handheld GPS, flagging tape, pocket knife and either a hunting gun or bow and arrow are what you should start with.