A Glass of Wine a Day Keeps the Body in Good Shape

WineOne of the many special occasions in life is celebrated with the consumption of delicious food and drinks, like wine.

Despite its high alcohol content, the alcoholic drink gives more healthy benefits as opposed to others that only provide a certain high and drunkenness. While you may think that it should only be had on special days, let this blog give you the perfect excuses that pass as substantial reasons to have it regularly.

Gates Estates cites the following benefits of having a glass of wine everyday:

Improves Memory

In a study conducted on 70-year-old women who regularly drank wine, researchers found them to have scored higher on memory quizzes than those who seldom consumed the drink.

Drinking wine also prevents the formation of clots and reduces inflammation of blood vessels — both of which are linked to a decline in cognitive performance and heart disease.

Controls Weight Gain

One of the shared qualities of those who have wine every day is a low body mass. This regular drinking, however, is done in moderation. In doing so, wine drinkers gain narrower waist and less abdominal fat than liquor drinkers. Some forms of alcoholic drinks promote burning calories for as long as an hour and a half.

Fights Food Poisoning

One of the notable and beneficial effects of regular wine consumption is a reduced likelihood of being infected by Helicobacter pylori bacteria. The bacteria responsible for gastritis, ulcers, and stomach cancers.

Moreover, a Spanish study shows that as little as half a glass can guard your body against food poisoning brought about by germs like salmonella.

Prevents High-Blood Sugar

This is especially helpful for premenopausal women who drink a glass or two of wine a day, as it is 40% less likely for them to develop type 2 diabetes. The study showed wine being able to reduce insulin resistance in diabetic patients.

Make everyday a special occasion and celebrate long life with wine. Keep the body in good shape by regularly drinking wine in moderation and achieve optimum body health over the years.