All the Right Accessories to Wear with your Cowboy Boots

Cowboy bootsCowboy boots for men are meant to be worn on social occasions as opposed to business events – unless you are Texan. As such, they should be worn with laid-back trousers and jackets.

This means if you are planning to don your favorite pair of cowboy boots, match them up with a jacket and a sleek belt as opposed to a bolo tie and a cowboy shirt. If your standard look involves men’s cowboy boots from A.A. Callister and other pieces that spell rodeo, it pays to wear the right accessories. Wearing the right accessories with your boots helps make it clear that you are making a fashion statement, as opposed to dressing up in a ridiculous costume.

This article highlights various items to wear with your cowboy boots, to help you look dressed for the occasion.

Collared Shirts

If you are wearing cowboy boots to look stylish and make a fashion statement, go for a collared shirt. An ordinary t-shirt, paired with blue jeans and cowboy boots will only look appropriate in a country music show. If that is not where you are headed, it is wiser to pair the boots up with a casual, patterned, or plain white collared shirt.

Leather or Denim Jacket

These two options are a perfect alternative to your ordinary sports jacket. However, be careful not to overdo the casual look. As cowboy boots are already casual, a leather or denim jacket that has lapels is much better compared to one without. On the other hand, you may opt for a long trench coat as it tends to blend in more seamlessly with cowboy boots.


Leather belts or belts with decorative buckles are perfect companions to classic cowboy boots. It’s not imperative to go for a snakeskin belt or one with a massive silver buckle. You may go for simpler styles or for decorative belts, depending on the rest of your ensemble.

The essence of the wearing the right accessories is to put together an outfit that acknowledges your cowboy boots without making them the center of attention. Therefore, ensure that you look and feel relaxed, capable, and comfortable – the values associated with western culture and cowboys.