Angler Excellence: Fishing Tips for Beginners

a man fishing offshoreFishing is one of many favorite American pastimes. While some may find it boring, the right circumstances can make it as exciting as anything. For those who want to get into it, research is key to achieving a great experience.

Here are a few tips to get started.

Gear Up

A fisherman is nothing without his tools. For beginners, however, browsing at a nearby Michigan fishing gear store such as D&R Sports Center can be overwhelming. The choices for equipment are almost endless. Keep in mind that beginners benefit the most from basic rods and reels.

Try open-faced fishing reels to start out. They’re the most basic and easiest to use for anyone of any skill or experience level. When choosing a fishing rod, take note of action and power. Action is the amount of bend the rod permits. Slower action means increased flexibility.

Rookies must ideally choose slow action rods. As for power, it refers to the maximum weight the rod can handle. Try a lighter rod for the most basic experience.

Make the Lure ‘Swim’

Lures don’t attract fish if they don’t look and “feel” natural. What this means is that the lure must mimic live prey as it “swims” through the water. Use the rod tip and reel to make this work. You can pull up, reel down, and generally make the lure move like it’s a live animal.

Merely casting the reel quickly makes it look unnatural.

It’s All About the Location

Location, location, location—it’s the age-old tip for all great anglers. Where fish are likely to spawn depends on what type of fish it is. Find a great spot, and there’s more than enough takes. However, learn to also switch locations on the fly.

Cast in a “fan” motion—that is, cover the left, front, and right sides of the location, while also using different depths and lures. Patience is critical to success.

Consider these tips for a fantastic angling session every time.