Are you in Labor? Signs to be Aware of

Pregnancy Women have 9 months to prepare for the coming of their little one. Sometimes, however, no matter how much you prepare, you would still be surprised when the day comes because every birth experience is different. Here is a quick round-up on one of the birth’s most exciting (and painful) part — labor.

Signs that labor is imminent or is actually happening

1. More frequent bathroom breaks

Your baby is preparing to get out of your womb and would position itself lower down your pelvis as your due date comes nearer. Therefore, bathroom breaks would become more frequent as more pressure is put into your bladder. Aside from peeing more often, women also experience diarrhea. Hormones that are released to aid the birth process also affect your body’s bowel movement.

2. Increased cramping and backache

Muscles and joints in your lower abdomen and pelvis are preparing for the coming of your baby and would position itself slowly, thus the increase in discomfort and pain.

3. Stronger and frequent contractions

Contractions become stronger and more frequent as your due date comes. Thanks to new technology, you can use a contraction counter to monitor the frequency and intensity of your contractions and help you decide whether it is time to seek medical help or wait a bit more, says an expert from Bloomlife.

4. Water breaks

Women have different water breaking stories and it is likely you would have yours too. Once your water breaks, it is usually the biggest sign that you are going into intensive labor and that your baby would come out anytime soon.

The births and women’s experience of pain and its tolerance differ widely from one person to another. However, one thing is for sure. Most moms would agree that seeing your child after months of discomfort and hours of pain and pushing, is always worth the pregnancy journey.