Barber’s Guide: Your Quick Guide to Starting a Small Talk With Your Customers

Barber accommodating customer in barbershopStarting a barbershop is something you may want to consider if you’re going to venture into the field of styling and grooming. But if you’re going to succeed in this field, you need to become much more personable. This is a profession where you are required to perform small talks with your clients.

Small talks may seem like a small part of your business. But in reality, it is what draws your customers in. So other than investing in high-quality barber shop equipment for sale, you need to sharpen your interpersonal communication skills. Here are some of the tips that may help you.

Be a minimalist talker

If you want to start small talk, you must first be willing to be a minimalist talker. This means that you need to speak less and give your patrons more time to talk. Do not talk about your favorite subjects right away, as you may end up talking more than you should. Instead, allow your customer to talk about the things that they want and listen thoughtfully.


A customer may feel uncomfortable if they feel that their barber is unwilling and unwelcoming. There are many ways to make your guest feel welcomed. And one of them is through smiling. Smile as you tell a story. Chuckle or laugh when your patron cracks a joke or says something funny.

Avoid hot topics

Some topics are better left at home or with friends whom you share the same sentiments about these with. Some topics may stir debate and in turn create turmoil. Topics, such as politics and religion, may put you in hot water.

Talking to your customers is one of the ways to draw in clients to your barber shop. Do not just converse for the sake of conversing. Engage your customers and make their stay fun!