Cosmetic Dentistry: Making People Smile Comfortably

SmileSmiling bears the same weight as talking — it is a social tool. It can mean a lot of things, and among those connotations, smiling encourages people on the receiving end of one. British people are not dense, however; they can differentiate the variety of messages in a smile. They can even tell if a smile is natural or not, if a given smile looks as if it were flashed comfortably.

Why is it that people don’t smile as often? Studies show that people in the UK who do not smile as much attribute this to apprehension and lack of self-confidence. They are not confident with their smiles and keep to themselves, even when they feel like they want to encourage someone with a simple flash of their teeth.

Smilemakers, a dental practice in South Hampton, discusses the Full Smile Makeover. This is a smile enhancement procedure growing in popularity due to celebrities embodying perfect smiles. It can involve a number of methods, but eventually, the goal is to have that perfect smile.

Cosmetic dentistry covers a range of treatments and services aiming to make people smile comfortably.


Dental crowns, also referred to as ‘tooth caps’, shield damaged teeth from more decay. Dental crowns attach to chipped or damaged teeth. Its purpose is to make the tooth whole again for function and aesthetics. They make for the best option when veneers or conservative treatments are not suitable for a patient’s oral condition.

Usually made of porcelain, crowns can pass off as natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Bleaching teeth is a rising trend in dental practices due to the ‘celebrity smile’ taking over the world. When done by a licenced dentist, teeth whitening is a safe, effective and fast way to have a beautiful smile. Using controlled levels of hydrogen peroxide, bleaching does not take much time or several appointments before the results show.


Veneers serve to mask stained, chipped, and gapped teeth, and other dental imperfections. Available in tooth-coloured cases, veneers are often made of porcelain and composite materials. Aside from improving the appearance, veneers also serve to protect a patient’s teeth from further damage.

These are a just a few ways cosmetic dentistry makes people smile comfortably. With dental crowns, teeth whitening and veneers, Britons are learning how to be more generous with their smiles.