Enjoy Your Whitewater Rafting Adventure in These Locations

Lieutenant John FremontRafting Adventure in Colorado documented the rafting journey on rough waters made by the United States (US) Army in 1842, with rubber boats as a makeshift base. This first voyage started the famous whitewater rafting pastime and sport all over the world.

Learn about the expectations and places where you will enjoy this activity.

Key Info    

You may go whitewater rafting when you’re old enough and medically fit. It’s too risky for little kids who can be tossed off the raft. Before going for it, make sure you have your life jacket and that it’s locked and fitted. Even with a life jacket, watch out for other dangers such as suspended branches and downward points.

The water types are divided into categories from Class I to VI. Class I types give you a smooth trip on sluggish water flow. You’ll encounter a few waves as you navigate Class II. In Class III, you already need  expert knowledge to handle the waves.

Professionals must be with you in Class IV where you face quicker and larger ripples. There are extreme rapids and waves in Class V, while the final class has crushing rapids that highly-trained groups alone can go through.

If you want to go white water rafting, Colorado has several places that will quench your thirst for adventure. Go to the following:

  1. Colorado River

Tour through a system of gorges and narrow valleys in between fast-moving and still waters.

  1. Clear Creek

Here, you will navigate through drop offs with sharp and slim channels as you enjoy an entire day of Class IV challenge.

  1. Animas River

This is known as one of the roughest waters in the US. Prepare for Class IV and V rapids if you go here.

This awesome activity will surely leave you breathless. Come prepared with friends and a waterproof camera to enjoy your time.