Fishing Gears and the Types of Fish They Capture

Man using a fish rodDifferent fishing gears have various impacts based on what they are catching and where they are used. The essence of good fishing gear minimizes unnecessary negative impacts on the target species as well as the entire marine system.

That said, here are the items you should consider during your next visit to a fishing gear store in Michigan.

Grappling Devices

These are handheld gears that are normally used when you are targeting an individual mammal or fish. They mostly consist of arrows, spears, and harpoons. Since these gears can only reach the surface of the water, they are used to capture species such as swordfish and salmon.


These are made of enclosed places that can be used for capturing both fish and other invertebrates. In most cases, they are used passively, and sometimes, they are baited to encourage the targeted species to enter the trap. Various types of traps include bag or stow nets, fixed traps, and pot traps. Traps are most commonly used to catch sablefish, shrimps, and lobsters.

Hook and Line

This is the oldest and most popular fishing gear. They come in different forms, which include long lines, poles, trolling lines, and hand lines. Long lines can be divided into two categories namely pelagic and demersal. Pelagic long lines are meant to catch surface water fish such as swordfish and tunas while demersal longlines target the bottom of the water fish such as rockfish, halibut, and codfish.

Bycatching has been the biggest challenge faced by fishermen and marine authorities. As such, modern fishing gear has been modified such that it minimizes these impacts through the addition of escape zones. This ensures that you only capture your target species leaving the rest of marine life in peace.