Foundations of the Ultimate Revenge Body

Swimwear Clothing StyleEveryone has their reasons for wanting to lose weight. Many people claim health reasons as the primary motivation to start eating well and getting active, however, that does not tend to stick because improvements in health are not visible enough or immediately felt unless dealing with a particularly life-threatening condition. Motivations driven primarily by vanity tend to be better drivers to sustain the rigors of a weight loss journey.

You can even double the motivation by aligning it with other goals like showing up your haters and unveiling the ultimate revenge body ina 2-piece swimsuit or a sexy ensemble. Adopt these foundational habits to help you get in the best shape of your life. After all, living your best life is the ultimate revenge.

Never Neglect Your Water Intake

Most people go through life chronically dehydrated without even knowing it. Do not be one of them. Although people think water just helps you feel full, its benefits do not end there. Adequate water intake increases your metabolic rate allowing you to burn more calories from either the food you ate or the fat that is stored. Moreover, water helps you especially during times of stress by flushing out cortisol – a well-known stress hormone that inhibits your body’s ability to release fat stores to burn as energy.

Eat Food That is Whole and Real

When it comes to losing weight, what you eat plays a more vital role than how much you move. Some may even claim that your food choices will ultimately determine your success in any weight loss endeavor. Don’t waste your time figuring out which granola bar or bland tasting fiber-rich cereal to eat. Just opt to eat whole and unprocessed food, and you soon see results. Avoid anything you cannot catch or grow. When selecting vegetables, avoid starchy options and when selecting proteins, opt for the lean cuts.

Keep Moving

If you have been eating right, you don’t need a complex, time-consuming and soul-crushing workout regimen and put everything else in your life on hold. Incorporate frequent movement into your daily routine like walking for thirty minutes a day, gardening or cleaning out the garage. Once you’ve lost most of the weight and want to move on to body sculpting, that’s when you can get busy in the gym to get shredded.

Let these foundational habits dictate your choices and activities. Kill more birds with one stone by looking good, staying healthy and get the absolute satisfaction of showing your exes and your haters how awesome you are.