Friend vs. Pro Photographer: Who Should You Hire?

WeddingAsk anyone who’s gotten married, and many will tell you to get pros to do a particular job. This is particularly true for the memory-capturing part: the wedding photography. While you think you may be doing your friend a “favor” by giving them a paid job, it may actually lead to regrets on both parts.

Here are a few factors to consider that will make you realize why a pro is always the smarter choice, especially when it is your wedding photos involved.


Pro photographers’ careers are built upon skills, talents, and reputation. They make a living out of capturing special moments in other people’s lives, so they make certain their records remain stellar. In other words, they commit to you and your special day.

Although this doesn’t automatically mean that your photographer friend won’t be committed during your wedding day, something may come up that will require them to flake out on you. And since you are friends, it is easier to break the commitment.


Your friend may be great in taking landscape photos, but how does he/she do with group photos, specifically of people attending a wedding? So rather than risk it, hire a wedding photographer in Denver, CO who specializes in this type of photography instead. This way, you can rest assure that the results will be awesome, and that you have plenty of captured memories to hold on to.

Amazing Results, Both Candid and Planned

One of the things that will make a wedding photo so special is if the moment and the emotions have been caught just in time. This is why many great pictures are candid ones. A professional wedding photographer has this “sixth sense” that allows them to seize these moments and memories as they are being made.

Remember: your friend won’t just be there as a photographer: they’ll also be there as your guest. So give your friend the chance to enjoy your wedding, and hire pro wedding photographers in Denver, CO instead.