Health Guide for Patients with Diabetes and Heart Ailments in Singapore

DiabetesSingapore’s modern generation has seen quite a great deal of sicknesses and ailments, particularly diabetes and heart diseases. While it is a good idea to consult a professional on how to prevent future problems and increase your lifespan, they’ll also be the first to advise you on certain lifestyle changes, along with modifying your mindset.

Eat Fruits

Be Heart Strong says even younger patients develop heart ailments because of the shift to diets loaded with saturated fat and refined sugars. Adding more fruits in your diet can reduce the chances of heartburn and regulate blood pressure. It helps you with losing weight, as well.

Bananas and apples aid in digestion. Pineapples and citrus fruits reduce the painful effects of heartburn. Watermelons and mangoes restore electrolytes and hydrate the body.


It’s not about going to the gym or running your first marathon. It’s about moving and sweating it out. Instead of promising that you’ll get that subscription or you’ll buy the equipment, take a walk outside or do some quick stretching after sitting for a long time. According to WebMD, any activity that gets your heart racing benefits the body.

Focus on getting your blood flowing a little more each day instead of starting big and then letting the engine run cold because you missed a day of cardio or you don’t see immediate results. Dedication is key to working out.

Avoid Stress

One of the biggest causes of heart diseases and diabetes is stress. Problems concerning daily life, relationships, work and finances can all add up to cause more than a bit of unhappiness. This leads to negative habits such as lack of sleep just to finish that report, a poor diet just to save on money and time, and the exposure to stressful people because of work.

While shifting jobs is not an immediately welcome concept, take some time out and focus on your happiness instead of your problems. It doesn’t mean you forget them completely. De-stressing simply means that you think about yourself, too.

Your body and mind are not invincible machines. Look after your body and find time to rest so you have enough strength to face the daily grind. Eat smart, move and smile. And do consider seeing health professionals for additional help and advice. After all, it’s your life at stake here.