Hearing Loss a Major Concern for the Veterans

VeteransBy the very nature of their profession, it is not uncommon to find veterans suffering from hearing loss. In fact, this condition is one of the most common injuries affecting military personnel. Unfortunate it may appear, as a veteran, there will always be that risk of you suffering from hearing loss.

According to Thehearingcareshop.com.au, provider of hearing aids for veterans, hearing loss is associated with aging. One tends to gradually develop hearing problems as he or she approaches retirement years.

Hearing loss is a distressing condition for anyone, including a veteran. But devastating it may be, this should not be a cause to lose hope. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are now hearing aids for veterans that have made the lives of the patriots a lot easier.

High Risks of Impaired Hearing AmongVeterans

Even with the latest innovations intended to protect the hearing of military personnel, the risk of hearing loss will always be high. This is true for those who served in actual conflicts. And sadly, this hearing loss may only manifest years after leaving the service.

Hearing Loss due to Involvement in Conflict

Perhaps, the risk of hearing loss is highest for those who were involved in actual conflicts. The injury to the ears is immediate when one is subjected to a sudden blast that is very near. The damage will be there even when hearing returns gradually.

Engaging in prolonged firing can also be harmful to a soldier’s hearing. If a hunting enthusiast experiences hearing loss due to gunfire, you can just imagine the impact it has on a soldier exposed to continued firing. And then there is the risk a pilot may face while flying high altitudes or a diver going very deep into the waters.

Hearing Loss due to Regular Activities in the Service

But even when not participating in a conflict, a soldier still faces risk of impaired hearing. They have to deal with continued gunfire sounds as part of their regular training. And by being in the base, you can’t be spared from hearing the noise caused by those conducting training exercises.

Support for the Veteran

It is encouraging to note that veterans can expect assistance for their hearing problems. The government will always stand to their responsibility and there are organisations that you can count on. And with this support, you can get the right hearing aid for your condition.