Here Are 6 Mesmerizing Facts About Diamonds That You Should Know

Diamond Rings You’ll find an assortment of diamond rings in Utah for any just about any occasion. If you’re planning on buying one, here are some neat facts about diamonds that you need to know.

Fact # 1: Nature solely determines a diamond’s weight, clarity and color. When it comes to human intervention, the diamond’s cut is just about the only thing that can be altered by human hands.

Fact # 2: Want more sparkle? You need to find a diamond that is well cut, which has many facets that can reflect light. This is why it’s important to buy a diamond from authorized sellers. If a diamond’s cut is too shallow or too deep, it will not sparkle as much as well-cut ones.

Fact # 3: Majority of the world’s diamonds are used for industrial purposes. Yes, that’s right. They’re just not mined for all the single ladies to wear someday. The industrial uses for diamonds include grinding, drilling, cutting and polishing. In fact, the first diamond was used to polish axes.

Fact # 4: Diamonds are not exclusive to Earth. In 2004, astronomers discovered a diamond star which measures 4,000 km across. It is located about 50 light years from our planet, set in the Centaurus constellation. The astronomers named it Lucy as a reference to the Beatles’ song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Fact # 5: In ancient Rome, people believed that the tips of Cupid’s arrows were adorned with diamonds. Perhaps this could explain the connection between romantic love and people giving diamond rings to their beloved.

Fact # 6: A rough diamond looks so much like a small stone. In fact, some are identical to pebbles to people with untrained eyes will simply throw it away.


Diamonds Are Still Very Popular in the Modern World

Despite new discoveries of more rare stones, diamonds are still popular in the modern world. In modern society, it has become more than just a piece of stone made into jewelry. Modern society has successfully elevated the status of a simple diamond ring to one that is most sought after by single women around the world.